Management Board

Determines the policy and supervises the Association’s conduct

  • Mr. Amir G. Kabiri | Founder & Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Ziv Simon | Founder
  • Mr. Avner Kreimer
  • Mr. Isaac M. Tamir
  • Mr. Adam Danon
  • Mr. Ildar K. Kabiri
  • Mr. Elon Essar

Our Responsibilities

The Board is the supreme authority of The Association. It outlines the basic guidelines and lines of action, determines the policy and supervises the Association’s conduct, matters and assets. The following requires the approval of the Chairman. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the Board is in charge, inter alia, of the following:

  • Supervising the management of the business and assets of the Association.
  • Discussing the financial statements and the annual balance sheet of the Association and approving them.
  • Discussing the auditing committee report, approving it or make other resolutions as necessary.
  • Appointing the Auditing committee.
  • Appointing the accountants of the Association and determining their wages.
  • Looking after financing the activities of the Association.
  • Confirming any alteration, amendment, addition, completion or deletion of these Articles or its appendices.
  • Appointing of members of the Board.
  • To confirm the budget of the Association.
  • To decide of make changes in the confirmed budget of the Association as necessary.
  • To appoint a legal counsel to the Association.
  • To supervise the financial matters of the Association including the bank accounts, deposits, investments, property and assets of the Association.
  • To undertake on behalf of the Association any matter, including agreements, financial undertakings, purchase of rights, sale of rights and to handle any legal right.
  • To determine the signatories of the Association and those who are allowed to sign on behalf of it on different documents, including contracts, undertakings, cheques, other negotiable instruments and any other document, and also those who are allowed to appear and operate in the name or on behalf of the Association.
  • To grant a power of attorney and authorization to any person, even if they are not a member of the Association, to appear on behalf of the Association and to obligate it on the same matters as will be specified in the power of attorney and the authorization.
  • To appoint representatives of the Association in corporations or partnerships or other joint enterprises.
  • To appoint sub‐committees, to determine their powers, their composition, including members who are not members of the Board or the Association and the procedures of their work, and to discuss and confirm their resolutions.
  • To take any action and practice required for the fulfilment of the role of the Board.