The Association will be open to anyone and will not discriminate for or against any person for reasons of race, religion, nationality, gender, political view or otherwise.

To be an extension of the Museum and to manage a representational extension of the Museum in The State of Israel for enriching the cultural knowledge of the Israeli public.

To be an artistic and cultural extension which will promote and lead activities within the State of Israel in the fields of art, architecture, design, education and culture whilst emphasizing the collections of the Museum and the rich Russian culture.

To maintain, manage, promote, nurture and encourage cooperation between the Museum and other museums and cultural centres in The State of Israel in the fields of art, architecture, design and crafts.

To impart knowledge to the Israeli public in the fields of arts, culture, architecture and design while emphasizing a direct connection to the Museum, its collections and its history.

To become a central extension which works on development and promotion of the arts, whilst cooperating with other institutes in The State of Israel and overseas, in conjunction with The Hermitage museum.

To carry out and perform actions which can assist in development of art, architecture, design and culture, as well as to assist developments and cooperation overseas in conjunction with the Museum and for the sake of the public in The State of Israel.