Code of Ethics

Serve the Foundation with sincerity and ability

The Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel, is a non profit organization registered under the Israeli law, main objective is to provide assistance and support to The State Hermitage Museum in respect of it’s artistic, scientific, cultural and educational activities. The HMFI aims to involve the Israeli public in the arts and sciences, in particular by promoting and organizing lectures, seminars, courses, cultural exchanges and exhibitions in respect of the artistic, scientific, cultural and educational activities of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

In establishing policy for and on behalf of the Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel, we, The Advisory Board, will serve as custodian in trust of the assets of the Foundation. We recognize the need for competent and committed elected Board members to serve the Foundation with sincerity and ability. Therefore, as Board members of the Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel, we acknowledge that we will observe a high standard of ethics and conduct as we devote our best efforts, skills and resources in the interest of the Foundation. We will perform our duties as Board members in such a manner to ensure that the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the Foundation’s mission are maintained and enhanced.

Our priority will always be the best way to promote the interest of the Foundation, including and during all meetings, discussions and voting matters. We intent to act at all times with full transparency. It is our responsibility to convey to the Advisory Board all suggestions of ways to improve the Foundation’s policies, standards, practices or ethics.

We will declare any conflict of interests, be it real, potential, or apparent, which is not immediately obvious with regard to any matter being discussed during a meeting, general or in committee. If the Board decides at any time that there is a conflict of interest related to a Board member, that member will be required to refrain from participating in the discussion and will be requested to leave the meeting at the Board’s request. We understand that the Board’s decision will be recorded in the minutes, either with or without the specific reasons for the decision being recorded.

We will not knowingly take advantage or benefit from information that is obtained in the course of our official duties and responsibilities as Board Members. We will be attentive to information, which the Center can use to develop and improve it’s policies and strategies. We will protect information closely and will not release or share confidential information related to the Foundation without the permission, in writing, of the person who provided the information.