70th Anniversary of the State of Israel

The year of 2018 will mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel. The Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel is honored to celebrate this exciting occasion with a number of events and activities which will take place during 2018 and will all proudly showcase the achievements of the state of Israel and those of the Jewish people in the arts, culture and other fields.

For us at the Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel, this is also an opportunity to present the strong ties between Russia and Israel, via several cultural exchanges and other events both in Russia and Israel. The events in Russia will be part of “Israel Days at the Hermitage – 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel” and all events will be celebrating Israel’s Independence Day and will stay true to our Foundation’s values of proudly represent our nation, excellency, attention to details and establishing partnerships with organizations who will meet the standard of the State Hermitage Museum’s, and that of our Foundation.