Sponsorship is essential for staging cultural events. The Hermitage Museum Foundation Israel has formed strategic partnerships with corporations and individual who share its goal of supporting and promoting the State Hermitage Museum.

Lead Official Partners

The M.T. Abraham Foundation promotes pioneering scholarship and research in art history by organizing international traveling exhibitions of works from its collections  to museums and institutions around the world. In its desire to assist and promote the appreciation of fine arts, the Foundation continues to expand its holdings with the ultimate goal of creating a wide-ranging and comprehensive permanent collection from which scholarship and traveling exhibitions can be realized.

The Art newspaper is an online and print publication with offices in London and New York. It provides an unrivalled news service about the art world, fed by its network of sister editions, which together have more than 50 correspondents working in more than 30 countries, with editorial offices in London, Turin, New York, Paris, Moscow, Beijing and Athens and Tel-Aviv.